How It Works / FAQ

As a Business.

ShiftBids allows you to post shifts either for bidding or as a non-bid. Workers can see all available shifts they quality for and may request the shift either by placing a bid (dollar amount per hour) or just requesting the shift at the rate posted.
Workers can see information about the shift such as what facility, its location and other details about the facility and the shift work. Bids can be viewed immediately by the business (along with the bidders profile) and usually are accepted or rejected no later than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the posted shift.

Criteria for accepting shifts is determined by the business and typically include:
1. Skill Level
2. Experience Level
3. Lowest Acceptable Bid

As a Worker.

ShiftBids lets you work the way you want, when you want, and in the department you want. You will be notified by email if your bid is accepted or rejected. If your bid is accepted, you will need to confirm your acceptance of working the shift by replying to via email.

Nurses, Bank Tellers, Construction Workers, Supermarket Clerks, etc… ShiftBids lets you decide where and when you work, and how much you will be paid.

It’s free and easy to get started.


Q: “What is the purpose of ShiftBids?”
A: ShiftBids is designed to provide qualified competent workers to facilities that need them. While offering flexible scheduling to PartTime and PerDiem staff and decreasing the need for agency utilization. It gives the opportunity to login, scan and bid on available shifts that are posted on the online scheduling system.

Q: “Will all shifts offered require a bid?”
A: No. Shifts can be posted that are either a bid or non-bid. Non-bid shifts just require you to indicate that you want the shift at the rate facility is offering.

Q: “As a Business, can we post a shift that only our workforce can see and apply for?”
A: Yes. You will be able to make a Shift “Private” and therefore only your pre-approved workforce will see it. This feature will be available shortly after our original launch date of April 1, 2013.

Q: “Who can use ShiftBids?”
A: Hospitals, Construction, Banks, Supermarkets, Retail are just some of the businesses that can utilize ShiftBids.

Q: “Can ShiftBids be used for project based assignments such as having a room painted or hiring a day worker for a flat daily fee?”
A: Yes. When posting a shift, you may assign it as a “Project” and workers will bid for the project and not as a hourly shift.

Q: “Does having the lowest bid mean that I will win the shift?”
A: No. The business who posted the shift determines who gets the shift. The individual approved to work the bid shift may be determined by their skill/competency level, their scheduled shifts and their bid(s). Also, a history of bid shift cancellations may negatively affect your ability to win shifts.

Q: “Are health benefits included?”
A: No. You will most likely be considered an consultant/independent contractor by any facility and therefore not receive any benefits.

Q: “Must I pay my own income taxes, Social Security and Medicare?”
A: Since you are considered to be an consultant/independent contractor, you will most likely pay your own taxes. Pay and work details/arrangements are between you and the employer.

Q: “Can I bid multiple times for the same shift?”
A: Yes. If your first bid is no longer the lowest or was rejected but the shift is still listed, you can bid a lower rate to see if that will be accepted.

Q: “As a business, how do I really know that a worker is qualified for the job?”
A: As with any business hiring a worker, the business is responsible for interviewing potential employees, checking references, and thus making the final determination to hire the worker. ShiftBids does not pre-qualify bidders nor certify them in anyway.

Q: “As a worker, how do I really know that a business is legitimate and that I will get paid?”
A: As with any worker applying for a job, it’s up to you to determine if you trust the business and want to pursue a professional relationship with them. Shift Bids does not pre-qualify business nor certify them in anyway.


Main Control Panel when logging on as a Worker.

Placing a Bid as a Worker.

Main Control Panel when logging on as a Business.

Adding a Shift as a Business.